Commercial & Business Security ​

Commercial & Business Security

As one of UAE leading security systems company, our experts at Forceis Integrated Security Systems will help you design and the install most comprehensive and cost-effective business security system, guaranteed to be more secure and meet your premise requirement. We assure a safer and fully controlled environment

Security solutions for your business

Burglary, Vandalism, External or Internal theft, liability and unauthorized entry are all issues that can highly impact your business. Forceis offers a wide range of Advanced security solutions custom designed to meet your business needs and to ensure a safer and fully controlled environment.

Access Control System:

Forceis has partnered with major brands in the industry who provide Access control solution and based on our experts study and analysis of client requirement, we choose an ideal and cost-effective system to meet the requirements. Prevent unauthorized entry in to your business and monitor sensitive areas with the latest access control technologies including access cards or fobs, turnstiles and biometric technologies. We also offer web-based access control solutions allowing easy management of remote doors and sensitive areas, record entries and much more.

Intercom Systems:

We have partnered with industry best Audio/Video Intercom system manufacturers to accommodate every budget featuring the latest technologies. Screen your visitors, monitor traffic and safeguard your office and employees.

Video Surveillance:

We at Forceis help you monitor your business 24/7, protect your business and reduce thefts. We have partnered with industry best manufacturers of CCTV, Video management software’s and storage systems to provide most up to date technology for prevention, monitoring and for liability and insurance. We also offer NVR based solution, hosted video storage, as well as remote technology which allows you to view your video surveillance systems from anywhere on your smartphone, PC or tablet.

Security Management Software:

A common platform security management software or integrated system can run a safer, more efficient business with remote system access and real time control of the entire premises.

We offer security management software (integrated solutions) which can seamlessly allow you to monitor and manage all aspects of your business security on one simple platform integrating the advanced capabilities of the latest entry systems, Video surveillance system, access control, Intercom system, Key Management System, Visitor management system etc.