Residential ​


With our solutions for residential apartment buildings, you can create a secure environment that’s easy to control. From outdoor entry to interior areas and elevators in the building, we help you design a fully tailored security system to protect the building and tenants.

Forceis offers planning, installation and maintenance of simple and advanced residential security systems for multi tenant buildings, luxury apartments, housing developments, Family homes, gated-entry homes in Dubai and across UAE.

After the site survey by our experts , we can upgrade or replace an exiting system and install one or more of the following systems:

  • Residential Access control system with card / fob / App.
  • Audio / Video Intercom system for residential buildings with remote control from smartphone, tablet or PC.
  • Video Surveillance system
  • Door entry systems with electronic locks.
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Wireless Technology
  • Identity Management