Survey & Analysis

At Forceis we do assessment in an ideal way to evaluate your existing security operations and the first step towards planning and designing enhanced security measures at your facility.

The process begins by understanding the clients immediate security needs, future challenges and identifying  potential points of vulnerability at your building or business. We make sure the facility is more secure with less operational cost.

  • Risk Identification and analysis
  • Threat and vulnerability assessment
  • Review of present security program
  • Review of physical security systems
  • Review of electronic security systems
  • Suggestions for security improvements
  • Detailed cost estimate and plan for the suggested security plan

Our top security consultants are SIRA certified and experienced in wide range of industries and residential units across UAE. We make sure that our engineers are certified with latest technology and stay up to date with latest security best practices. 

Design & Planning

We at Forceis provide best system security design and planning services for system upgrades and new installation security projects.

After gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s security needs, our Design & Engineers team will follow the initial security assessment to efficiently design a security system offering the highest degree of stability, modularity and scalability.

Our multi-disciplinary design and planning services include:

  • Developing the system architectural concept
  • Specifying system components including hardware, software and integration requirements
  • Detailed descriptions of installation, wiring, software, configuration, testing, support, migration planning and maintenance
  • Finalizing performance criteria, drawings and specifications
  • Defining functional specifications from which systems will be procured and implemented
  • Providing technical consultation
  • Design cost effective and more secure systems as per the client requirement

From Concept to Reality

As the design develops from concept to reality, our design and engineer experts work in close partnership with clients, architects and engineers to integrate the most robust, technologically advanced and cost-effective security components and solutions to secure client facility and protect client assets.

Our comprehensive security solutions include:

Video Surveillance System , Access Control System, Audio / Video intercom systems, Video Analytics and Behavioral monitoring, ANPR System, Security network, Data Cabling, Wiring, facial recognition and full parking system solutions.


At Forceis we set high standards when it comes to Quality of Installation. We have highly skilled installation team who works regularly with a diverse range of well-known companies in the field of construction, Retails, businesses and residential buildings throughout UAE. Our clients enjoy piece of mind knowing that our installation team consists of fully licensed and certified technicians, backed by extensive experience in their respective field of work.

Forceis will assign a dedicated project manager who will be accountable of:

  • Overseeing the Installation team and to make sure the quality is not compromised at any circumstances.
  • To ensure the systems are installed as per the security standards and client requirements.
  • To ensure all the process are well recorded and approved by the resident engineer.
  • To ensure the works are carried out by trained and certified professionals and to make sure the system components are intact and as per the design specification.
  • Ensuring the installation is delivered on time and on budget in accordance with the design plan and performance specifications.
  • Ensuring the local regulatory department approvals are on time


Reduce Downtime And Avoid Unexpected Repair Costs With Forceis Tailored Preventative And Corrective Maintenance Plans.

In order to keep your security system’s performance and longevity working to the highest standards, routine maintenance is required.

With Forceis, not only will you be eligible for reduced rates on callouts, parts and labor, you’ll also enjoy peace of mind knowing that your security system will always be up-to-date and in perfect working condition- 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our operations and maintenance services can offer the following: 

  • Routine maintenance of equipment and facilities.
  • Network monitoring services and continuing network analysis.
  • Emergency service restoration
  • Adds, moves and changes of equipment
  • Employee training
  • Day-to-day provisioning, configuring and reporting
  • Complete and accurate record keeping, including work order and trouble escalation procedures