Car Parking Systems​

Car Parking Systems

Parking Management

Parking management system enables the efficient use of existing parking facilities, enhances the quality of service provided to users and improves design as a necessity at vital areas within a city. 

With Forceis top parking management systems, clients can manage, control and monitor their parking spaces from entry to exit within a single screen.

As urban areas expand, the demand for parking facilities increases! The use of equipment ranging from Pay and Display Machines for street parking lots, to revenue systems for commercial properties has played an important role in both the parking management system and its organization. Additional systems such as the sensor based “Parking Guidance Systems”, enhance the user’s experience by visual space indication, while reducing costs to the facility owner. Enabling facilities with ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) systems also enhance the security and revenue mismanagement.

Components and Systems:

Entrance/Exit Terminals, Gate Barriers, Automatic Payment Machines, Cashier Station, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Vehicle Guidance and Counting Solutions.